Who needs Santa's sleigh when you've got seal slides, reindeer skates and penguin pals to glide you through winter wonderlands?


Our Bobby the Seal® skating aid is designed to delight customers of all ages. Bobby the Seal can be pushed and used for support, providing stability for novice skaters. Additionally, Bobby doubles as a chair, allowing skaters to rest comfortably on the ice. With its multifunctional design, Bobby the Seal® makes ice skating a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Not only is he adorable, but Tommy the Reindeer® also features antlers that provide a firm grip to support smaller children as they take their first steps on the ice. This gives kids the confidence they need to enjoy skating, making the experience much more fun and significantly safer. Tommy the Reindeer® is robust and low-maintenance, and his super-handy pick-up and stacking system ensures convenience for everyone, not just the kids.


Our Penguin Skate Aids are designed to help beginners and young skaters gain confidence on the ice. With easy-to-grip handles and a sturdy base, our Penguin Skate Aids ensure that every glide is smooth and enjoyable for children and novice skaters alike. Perfect for enhancing balance and control, they turn every skating session into a delightful adventure!


Safety is key, which is why we offer durable helmets to prevent injuries. Available in all sizes—small, medium, and large—we ensure protection for both children and adults.


All Sizes! For adults, we offer Roxa hockey skates, which are available for sale or rent in all sizes. These skates feature a convenient buckle system and come in a standard orange color. For the little ones we offer Bob skates featuring dual adjustable blades, suitable for kids of all sizes. They're effortless to wear and ensure safety at every glide!

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